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Ansonia 18 Naugatuck 0
Mike Parks rushed for 122 yards. Gary Eaton rushed for 57 yards and Mark Goumas added 26 yards and a rushing touchdown. George Hokanson had an interception and a fumble recovery which led to 2 Ansonia scores.

Ansonia 28 Naugatuck 8
Fran Hendricks ran for 96 yards and three touchdowns. He also added a punt return for another score.

Ansonia 28 Naugatuck 21 OT
In front of an estimated 12,000 fans at Jarvis Stadium, Ansonia prevailed in overtime in one of the greatest high school games in CT history. Ron Tate ran for 3 touchdowns. Steve Coughlin threw a touchdown to Phil Mrazik. Jay Dziubina snuffed out the naked bootleg of Naugatuck QB Joe Edmonds to end the game.

Ansonia 51 Naugatuck 22
Luke Richmond threw 5 touchdown passes, three to Andre Smith and two to Rob Beall. Cortez Johnson rushed for 179 yards and a touchdown. Chris Marro had a rushing touchdown. Jim Benjamin recorded a safety on defense.

Week 9

Ansonia 68 Wilby 0
Sandy Osiecki threw a touchdown to Jeff Bruce. Howie Tinney scored 3 rushing touchdowns, while Mark Goumas added one. Gary Ewin ran for 135 yards and 1 touchdown.

Ansonia 48 Wilby 6
Joe Shea had 199 yards passing and threw touchdowns to Mike Debish, Gordie Hotchkiss and David Lee. Doug Goumas ran for 56 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Ansonia 42 Wolcott 6
Fran Hendricks ran for 165 yards and three touchdowns. James Lane threw for 140 yards and a touchdown to Chris Ahearn. Harold Beall returned a punt for another score.

Ansonia 24 Wolcott 2
Kevin Sharkey threw two touchdowns on halfback option plays, both to Fran Hendricks. Hendricks added another touchdown on the ground.

Ansonia 63 Sacred Heart 14
Andre Tinney rushed for 99 yards and two touchdowns. Adam Richmond threw touchdown passes to Jared Mott and Rob Lisi. Quaytin Jackson, John LaRovera, Craig Behun, and Nate Washington each scored rushing touchdowns.

Week 8

Ansonia 21 Watertown 0
Jim McGarry threw for 285 yards. Pat McNamara had 220 receiving yards and a touchdown. Terry Goldson rushed for 84 yards and a touchdown.

Ansonia 44 Crosby 18
Sandy Osiecki threw 3 touchdowns, one to Tom Laylor and 2 to Dave Debish. Howie Tinney and Mark Goumas each had rushing touchdowns.

Ansonia 40 Crosby 6
Bill McAllister rushed for 90 yards and one touchdown. Joe Potter, Jeff Johnson, Al Hebert and Ben Bostic all had rushing touchdowns. Potter also threw a touchdown to Tim McNamara.

Ansonia 48 Crosby 6
Ellis Ings scored two rushing touchdowns. Derek Abitz , Steve Sobolisky, Tony DellaVolpe, and Tyrone Bostic each had rushing touchdowns as well. Jeff Coppola threw a touchdown to John Hunt.

Ansonia 55 Crosby 20
Keith Pelatowski rushed for a touchdown and also threw for a score to Kevin Sharkey. Sharkey also scored on the ground and on a punt return. Chris Kinnebrew and Dennis Tinney added rushing touchdowns for Ansonia.

Ansonia 34 Torrington 0
Cortez Johnson rushed for 193 yards and 2 touchdowns. Andre Smith also had a rushing touchdown. Luke Richmond threw for 161 yards and two touchdowns to Rob Beall and Rudy Frolish.

Week 7

Ansonia 24 Watertown 6
Sandy Osiecki threw a 6 yard touchdown to Joe Potter and a 67 yard touchdown pass to Tom Lawlor, as Ansonia won its 33rd straight game.

Ansonia 31 Watertown 17
Ellis Ings rushed for 157 yards and two touchdowns. Jeff Coppola passed for 111 yards and a touchdown to John Hunt. Keith Maynard returned an interception for a score. Greg Seccombe picked off another pass for the Chargers.

Ansonia 42 Watertown 21
James Lane threw for 288 yards and 5 touchdowns, outshining Watertown’s Rico Brogna. Dave Donofrio caught two touchdowns. Fran Hendricks, Brent Harvie and Harold Beall caught one each. Hendricks added 119 yards on the ground.

Ansonia 14 Watertown 0
Kevin Sharkey scored both rushing touchdowns. Carl Barrett recorded two interceptions.

Ansonia 31 Watertown 0
Quaytin Jackson rushed for 146yards and a touchdown. Allen Robertson rushed for 95 yards and two touchdowns.

Week 6

Ansonia 40 Derby 0
Mark Goumas rushed for 67 yards, while Gary Eaton rushed for 41 yards. Dave Debish intercepted two passes, as Ansonia shut out Derby for the first time since 1956.

Ansonia 19 Derby 13
Earl Stanley rushed for 96 yards and two touchdowns. Jeff Coppola had 107 passing yards and threw a touchdown pass to Glenn Antrum.

Ansonia 46 Torrington 15
Jeff Coppola passed for 330 yards and three touchdowns, two to Terry McNamara and one to Pat Ahearn. Rob Robinson rushed for 64 yards and two touchdowns. James Lane threw a late touchdown pass to Andre Holeman.

Ansonia 46 Torrington 7
Jason Tinney, Robbie Clark, Jamaar Kelley and Tim Phipps all scored rushing touchdowns. Rich Lester threw touchdown passes to Parrish Edwards and Dave Picheco. George Baez recorded two interceptions. Fred Pettit and Parrish Edwards each blocked a punt.

Ansonia 49 Derby 12
Andre Tinney rushed for 205 yards and three touchdowns. Adam Richmond threw a touchdown to Jared Mott. David Reese returned an interception for a touchdown.

Week 5

Ansonia 22 Torrington 6
Howie Tinney ran for 184 yards and two touchdowns. Mike Parks gained 90 yards on the ground, while Mark Goumas added 63 yards. Sandy Osiecki threw a touchdown to Jeff Bruce.

Ansonia 40 Torrington 15
Mike Parks scored two rushing touchdowns and Bill McAllister tallied one, as Ansonia won its 31st consecutive game. Sandy Osiecki threw two touchdowns.

Ansonia 45 Torrington 0
Doug Goumas and Terry Antrum each scored two rushing touchdowns, as Ansonia crushed 8th ranked and undefeated Torrington. Earl Stanley scored on a 38 yard touchdown run. Tim Feducia threw two touchdowns, one each to Glenn Antrum and Carl Badamo.

Ansonia 27 Torrington 13
Fran Hendricks had two rushing touchdowns. James Lane threw for 142 yards and two touchdowns, one each to Dave Donofrio and Brent Harvie.

Ansonia 56 Holy Cross 0
Ron Tate had two rushing touchdowns. Luke Richmond threw three touchdowns, one each to Phil Mrazik, Justin DiMauro and Steve Coughlin. Art Denby returned an interception for a touchdown.

Week 4

Ansonia 55 Kennedy 14
Bill McAllister rushed for 94 yards and two touchdowns, while also adding a receiving touchdown. Jeff Johnson had two touchdowns on the ground. David Lee recorded four tackles and an interception. Sean Rowley recovered a fumble in the endzone for another Charger touchdown.

Ansonia 38 Sacred Heart 6
Joe Shea threw for 64 yards and 2 touchdowns, one each to David Lee and Gordie Hotchkiss. David Lee also returned a punt for a touchdown.

Ansonia 40 Kennedy 10
Jeff Coppola passed for 225 yards and three touchdowns, all to Terry McNamara. Joe Chernovetz rushed for 74 yards and two touchdowns. Rob Robinson rushed for 50 yards and a touchdown. Eric Jesulaitis, Tom O’Neil, Ed Caruso, and Angelo Culmo recovered fumbles on defense.

Ansonia 40 Kennedy 0
James Lane threw 3 touchdown passes, one to Dave Donofrio and two to Andre Holman. Robo Robinson rushed for 75 yards and two touchdowns. Ed Henry, Angelo Culmo, and Dan McClellan each had fumble recoveries for the Chargers.

Ansonia 14 Sacred Heart 12
Jason Tinney scored two rushing touchdowns. Mike Mihalcik had one interception and kicked both extra points. Lucian Parrillo recovered a Sacred Heart fumble at the goal line to preserve the win.

Ansonia 35 Sacred Heart 0
Steve Coughlin threw three touchdown passes, one to Jim Frolish and two to Mike Mihlacik. Ron Tate had a rushing touchdown. Ebenezer Caines had an interception returned for a touchdown.

Ansonia 73 Kennedy 0
Cortez Johnson ran for a 55 yard touchdown on the first play of the game. Andre Smith scored two rushing touchdowns and Chris Marro added one. Brent Teodosio threw a touchdown to Rudy Frolish.

Week 3

Ansonia 37 Kennedy 0
Sandy Osiecki threw for 149 yards, including a 19 yard touchdown to Tom Lawlor. Mike Parks, Gary Eaton, Mark Goumas and Gary Ewen all had rushing touchdowns for Ansonia.

Ansonia 35 Kennedy 6
Joe Potter had 16 completions on 19 attempts, good for 240 yards and 3 touchdowns. Mike Pritchard had two touchdown receptions and Tim McNamara had one. Jeff Johnson and Tyrone Bridges each scored rushing touchdowns for the Chargers.

Ansonia 48 Kennedy 12
Doug Goumas rushed for 175 yards and four touchdowns. Mike Norfleet also had a rushing touchdown. David Lee had one receiving touchdown and added 2 interceptions on defense.

Ansonia 60 Kennedy 0
Jeff Coppola had a rushing touchdown and threw a touchdown pass to Derek Abitz. Earl Stanley had 45 yards rushing and two touchdowns. Ellis Ings had 60 yards rushing and two touchdowns. On defense, John Deegan had an interception and Jeff Griffin recovered a fumble.

Ansonia 42 Kennedy 22
Chris Kinnebrew rushed for 123 yards and a touchdown. Dennis Tinney had 100 yards rushing and a touchdown. Kevin Sharkey scored 3 rushing touchdowns.

Ansonia 12 Kennedy 0
Dave Picheco threw 2 touchdown passes, both to Mark Gesner.

Ansonia 70 Wilby 0
Luke Richmond threw 6 touchdown passes, three to Steve Coughlin. Rob Beall, Jay Lydem and Jim Frolish each had a receiving touchdown. Jay Dziubina had a rushing touchdown.

Week 2

Ansonia 19 Shelton 6
Sandy Osiecki threw a touchdown pass to Tom Lawlor. Mark Goumas led Ansonia with 64 rushing yards. Joe Coppola recorded 9 tackles.

Ansonia 34 Shelton 6
Mike Parks carried 44 times for 261 yards and 3 touchdowns. Sandy Osiecki threw for 166 yards and a touchdown.

Ansonia 42 Shelton 13
Terry Antrum rushed for 117 yards and 2 touchdowns. Earl Stanley, Mike Norfleet, and Doug Goumas all scored rushing touchdowns as well. Tom Feducia threw a touchdown pass to Norfleet.

Ansonia 29 Holy Cross 0
Jeff Coppola passed for 295 yards and four touchdowns, two to Pat Ahearn and one each to Terry McNamara and Jay Strang. McNamara finished with 10 catches and 181 yards. Robo Robinson rushed for 43 yards.

Ansonia 35 Shelton 0
Kevin Sharkey had 75 rushing yards and a touchdown. Jason Tinney and Robbie Clark also had rushing touchdowns. Rich Lester threw touchdown passes to Carl Barrett and Dennis Tinney. On defense, Sean Thomas recorded 4 sacks and fumble recovery.

Ansonia 53 Kennedy 0
Ron Tate rushed for 150 yards and 3 touchdowns. Luke Richmond threw two touchdown passes, one each to Steve Coughlin and Jim Frolish. Coughlin also threw a touchdown to Phil Mrazik. Art Denby had a rushing touchdown.

Ansonia 55 Holy Cross 7
Quaytin Jackson scored a pair of rushing touchdowns. Jack Degnan threw a touchdown pass to Jarvis Benjamin, who also added a rushing touchdown. Adam Richmond scored on a 20 yard run and also threw a touchdown to Rob Lisi.

Week 1

Ansonia 36 Holy Cross 7
Howie Tinney scored three rushing touchdowns as Ansonia defeated the Crusaders at Municipal Stadium. The game was Ansonia’s first contest back in the NVL after playing as an independent for the past several years.

Ansonia 42 Holy Cross 13
Joe Potter threw for 210 yards and two touchdowns. David Lee and Mike Pritchard each had a touchdown reception. Tim McNamara tallied four catches for 76 yards. Bill McAllister had 130 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

Ansonia 34 Holy Cross 0
Ellis Ings rushed for 153 yards and two touchdowns in the head coaching debut of Bob Lisi. Ings also had a touchdown reception thrown by John Glenn. Derek Abitz added a rushing touchdown. Late in the game, Jay Abate threw a touchdown to Ed Jerolman. Steve Sobolisky had an interception and John Hunt recovered a fumble for the defense, which shut out Holy Cross for the third consecutive year.

Ansonia 14 Seymour 7
Jason Tinney had 82 yards rushing and a touchdown. Robbie Clark added 42 rushing yards and a touchdown. Sean O’Meara recorded an interception.

Ansonia 37 Holy Cross 0
Steve Coughlin threw for 200 yards and two touchdowns, both to Tim Lynch. Ron Tate had 52 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Pete Reynolds had 72 rushing yards. Bill Lesiw recorded an interception.

Ansonia 42 Seymour 14
Adam Richmond threw for 160 yards and three touchdowns at DeBarber Field. Julius Freeman ran for 154 yards and two touchdowns. Andre Tinney and Quaytin Jackson each had rushing touchdowns for the Chargers.

Ansonia on Traditions TV

Ansonia Football was featured on a television show on Sports New York (SNY) called Traditions. The Traditions crew filmed the Chargers as they practiced leading up to the game versus Watertown. Past and present coaches and players were also interviewed.

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